• Designed for use as a recovery heater having its own storage tank.
  • Meets the standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and current edition of AHRAE/IES 90.1.
  • CSB models ship with industrial-grade low-watt density Incoloy immersion elements with Ni-chrome resistance wire embedded in magnesium oxide.
  • Glass-lined tank with 107 gallon capacity. Tank interior is coated with glass specially developed by State Water Heaters for water heater use. Tanks rated at 150 psi (1034 kPa) working pressure.
  • Fusing. Protects all elements, thermostats, and internal wiring circuits against excess current flow. Meets National Electrical Code requirements that non-ASME tanks must have internal fusing when current draw exceeds 48 amps.
  • Terminal block. Factory installed. Just bring the electrical service to the heater and connect to block.
Nominal Capacity kW: 18 or 30
Storage Volume Gallons: 107
Actual storage capacity Liters: 405
Limited Tank Warranty: 3 Years
Limited Parts Warranty: 1 Year
Anode: Two magnesium sacrificial Anode
T&P Relief Valve: Yes, factory supplied
Water Connection Location: Top (outlet)
Bottom (inlet)

The heater(s) shall be Sandblaster® Surface Mount Thermostat CSB Series Model Number ______________ -SFE(A) as manufactured by State Water Heaters. Heater(s) shall be rated at ____________ KW,_______volts, ____________ phase, 60 cycle AC, and listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories and approved to the NSF Standard 5 by UL. Tank(s) shall be ________ (73 or 105) gallon capacity. Tanks shall have __________ (150 [Std] or 160 [ASME]) psi working pressure and be equipped with extruded high density anode. All internal surfaces of the heater(s) exposed to water shall be glass-lined with an alkaline borosilicate composition that has been fused-to-steel by firing at a temperature range of 1400°F to 1600°F. Electric heating elements shall be low-watt density Goldenrod 1” screw-in type. Each element shall be controlled by an individually mounted thermostat and high temperature cut-off switch. All internal circuits shall be fused. The outer jacket shall be of baked-enamel finish and shall be provided with full-size control compartment for performance of service and maintenance through hinged front panel and shall enclose the tank with foam insulation. Electrical junction box with heavy duty terminal block shall be provided. The drain valve shall be located in the front for ease of servicing. Heater tank shall have a three-year limited warranty as outlined in the written warranty. Manufacturer shall supply ASME rated temperature and pressure relief valve. Fully illustrated instruction manual to be included. Meets standby loss requirements of the U. S. Department of Energy and current edition of ASHRAE/IES 90.1.



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