• State’s new propriety advanced electronic water heaters, provide precise + or – 1ºF temperature control, which is ideal for industrial and food service applications where accurate hot water temperatures are needed.
  • LED display shows detailed operational and diagnostic information in plain English. Fault or alert messages appear if an operational issue occurs.
  • Factory standard low-water cut-off uses a remote electronic immersion type probe to prevent energizing of the elements in the event of low-water conditions and eliminates accidental dry firing.
  • Progressive modulating matches number of elements to current load conditions. Rotates and lead lags stage control element loads to provide long life and equal wear.
  • Control system automatically lowers the operating set point by a programmed value during user-defined time periods. Seven-day clock may be programmed for night set back and or weekend shutdown help save money.
Nominal Capacity kW: 18 – 900
Storage Volume Gallons: 150 – 2,500
Limited Tank Warranty: 3 Years
Limited Parts Warranty: 1 Year
Anode: Multiple Sacrificial Anode
T&P Relief Valve: Yes, factory supplied
Water Connection Location: Top (outlet)
Bottom (inlet)

The heater(s) shall be State Commercial Electric Model Number ________ or an approved equal. Heater(s) shall be rated at _______ kW, _______ V, _______ phase, 60 cycle AC. The heater shall be for (vertical/horizontal) installation with lifting lug access and channel skid base not on every tank. Vessel shall be constructed to Section IV of the ASME Code for 125 psi working pressure. Vessel shall be glass-lined with anodic protection. Entire vessel and electrical controls are to be encased in a sheet metal enclosure with baked-enamel finish. Tank to be insulated with fiberglass insulation. Enclosure to have hinged locking door over electric controls. There shall be _______ individually replaceable heavy duty Incoloy sheathed heating elements each complete with prewired terminal leads. These elements will be switched by magnetic contactors which are operated by a 120V fused control circuit protected by manual reset high limit. Control circuit is activated by a master pilot switch and electronic low water cutoff. This control shall prevent the entire electrical load from being switched on instantaneously. The control shall have even load progressive sequencing which utilizes the “first on, first off” principle thereby equalizing the operating time of heating elements and contactors. Each magnetic contactor and heating element circuit will be protected by a maximum of 60 amp cartridge type fuses with a minimum of 100,000 amp interrupting capacity. The entire water heating package shall be prewired to solderless terminal lugs, factory tested, complete with a CSA Certified and ASME Rated T&P relief valve and bear the Underwriters’ Laboratories label. Heater(s) shall have a 3-year limited warranty as outlined in the written warranty. Fully illustrated instruction manual included. Water heater units(s) shall be compatible with building management systems using Modbus or BACnet with factory supplied gateway.



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