SIT range of commercial indirect storage tanks are suitable for installations with a variety of heat sources. The units are manufactured with heavy-gauge steel and protected from corrosion by an advanced glass-lining process. Storage capacities range from 300 to 2800 litres with heating outputs from 46 – 142 kW.

  • Single-wall spiral heat exchanger
  • Glass-lined steel tank
  • Coil surface area (1.5 – 4.8 m2)
  • Electrolytic protection – magnesium anode
  • Removable 7 to 10 cm thick insulation with ABS cladding. The insulation will meet current strict European energy-efficiency regulations
Output Coil kW: 48 – 156
Storage Volume Liters: 296 – 2800
Working Pressure Bars: 7 – 10
Limited Tank Warranty: 3 Years
Limited Parts Warranty: 1 Years
Anode: Sacrificial Anode
Water Connection Location: Top

The tanks shall be State Water Heaters SIT series industrial indirect hot water storage calorifier, model number _SIT_xxxx (298-2800L) or an approved equal. The tank shall be for vertical installation. Vessel shall be constructed to European Pressure Directive for minimum 7 bar working pressure. Vessel shall be glass-lined, have 1 up to 3 sacrificial magnesium anodes for additional corrosion protection. Entire vessel shall be insulated with 70-100 MM insulation with ABS cladding. Heat loss will meet ErP standards. The tank will have the option to install a back-up electric element. A combined temperature and pressure relieve valve will be factory supplied. A factory-installed boiler water/solar heat exchanger will meet the heating requirement.