SVT storage tanks are ideal for use with direct-fired water heaters when extra storage is required to meet high peak demands. The units are manufactured with heavy-gauge steel and coated with an exclusive corrosion resistant glass lining, which is fused to the steel by firing at a temperature of 860ºC. The range includes 10 different models with storage capacities up to 2820 litres.

  • Glass-lined steel tank
  • Electrolytic protection – magnesium anode
  • Removable polyurethane soft foam insulation jacket
  • Clean out inspection port
  • Maximum working pressure 10 bar
  • Operation temperatures up to 95ºC
Storage Volume Liters: 308 – 2820
Limited Tank Warranty: 3 Years
Limited Parts Warranty: 1 Years
Anode: Sacrificial Anode
T&P Relief Valve: Yes
Water Connection Location: Top

The tanks shall be State Water Heaters SVT series commercial hot water storage tank, model number _SVT_xxxx (300-3000L) or an approved equal. The tank shall be for vertical installation. Vessel shall be constructed to European Pressure Directive for minimum 7 bar working pressure. Vessel shall be glass-lined, have 1 up to 3 sacrificial magnesium anodes for additional corrosion protection. Entire vessel shall be insulated with 100 MM insulation with ABS cladding. Heat loss will meet ErP standards. The tank will have the option to install a back-up electric element. A combined temperature and pressure relieve valve will be factory supplied.