• Electric water heater for high hot water demand requirements
  • Steel glass-lined tank with glass lining for corrosion protection
  • Maximum working pressure 7 bar
  • Manhole 400mm
  • T&P relief valve factory supplied
  • Factory-installed 100 mm insulation with ABS jacket, meeting new ecodesign standards in Europe
  • Electric back-up heating with Incoloy-sheeted elements (15 to 60 kW)
  • Factory-mounted heating package with control panel including main power disconnect door interlock switch, transformer for 230 Volt control circuit, contactors, solar control panel, step indication lights and override switch, immersion control and hi-limit thermostat
Nominal Capacity kW: 135 – 144
Storage Volume Liters: 1000 – 2820
Limited Tank Warranty: 3 Years
Limited Parts Warranty: 1 Years
Anode: Sacrificial Anode
T&P Relief Valve: Yes
Water Connection Location: Top

The heater(s) shall be State SITES series commercial electric water heater model number SITES_(1000/1500/2000/2500/3000)__ or an approved equal. Heater(s) shall be rated at _(15/30/45/60)_ KW, 400 V, 3 phase, 50/60 cycle AC. The heater shall be for (vertical/ horizontal). Vessel shall be constructed to European Pressure Directive for 7 bar working pressure. Vessel shall be glass-lined with anodic protection. Entire vessel shall be insulated with 100mm insulation with ABS cladding. The electrical and solar controls will be mounted on the heater in an IP 55 control cabinet. A combined temperature and pressure gage will be on the front of the heater. The heater will have a build-in solar fluid heat exchanger suitable for up to 50 solar collectors. The solar fluid circulating pump will be controlled by the heaters control panel via a thermally protected switch relay. There shall be ___(1 or 2)___ individually replaceable ___(15 or 30)___ kW, flange mounted, incoloy sheathed heating elements each complete with prewired terminal leads for electric back-up heating. These elements will be switched by magnetic contactors which are operated by a 230V fused control circuit protected by manual reset high limit. Control circuit is activated by a master pilot switch. Each element will have an override switch for manual de-activation. The controller shall make maximum use of solar heating and switch on back-up only if solar heat does not satisfy hot water demand. The control of the contactors shall be in ___(1or 2)___ stages through thermostatic step control. This control shall fully automatically maintain the set temperature via solar heating and/or electric back-up. It shall prevent the entire electrical load from being switched on instantaneously. The entire water heating package shall be prewired to solderless terminal lugs, factory tested, complete with ASME temperature and pressure relief valve and bear the CE label for the electric components. Heater(s) shall have a three-year limited warranty as outlined in the written warranty. Fully illustrated instruction manual included.



Water heater SITES solar


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